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        3-t-Butyl dimethylsiloxy propyl lithium in cyclohexane

        Chemical formula LiCH2CH2CH2OSi(CH3)2C(CH3)3
        CAS NO. 97057-70-0
        CBNumber CB8217662
        Molecular weight 180.29
        Property Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid, relative density 0.76g/ml (25℃). In contact with water, it is easy to separate and inactivate by liberating heat.
        Quality Index
        Item Quality Standard
        Appearance Colorless to slightly yellow transparent liquid
        Total lithium% (wt) 20-23%
        Active alkyl lithium concentration% (wt) 19.8-22.8%
        Activity% (wt) ≥ 96
        Use Used as a special material synthesis catalyst
        Package 5-400 liters steel bottle packaging, or ISOTANKE packaging

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